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Kristina Miller-Weston

Kristina Miller Inc
Cell Phone: 4803636483 Website: Kristina Miller



Scene Study: Sal Romeo, Lesly Kahn at Lesly Kahn & Co., Atlantic Theatre Company, Chris Fields Studio, Bill Mesnik On-Camera: Beth Ryne Acting Studio,  Meg Morman and Sunny Boling  Improv: Karly Rothenberg Combat Training: LA Fight Academy Voice Training: Mary Amorosia Vocal Performance: Sara Louise Lazarus, Alex Rybeck, Michael Lavine,

Special Skills: Midwest dialect, Cockney dialect, Italian New York Dialect, RP dialect, German accent, Russian accent, Hand to Hand combat, Basic pistols training, Single Sword combat, Basic surfing, and lip-sync to Mandarin. Strong Dancer:Tap, Ballet and Jazz.