The key to taking control of your career for any actor lies in finding a community that supports you and helps create opportunities to build and promote your brand to the industry at large. The Collaborative community is at the heart of everything we do, the tremendous level of support we offer one another is fostered and encouraged on a daily basis.

Community Opportunities

The Collaborative hosts Quarterly Orientations and assigns member mentors for our new members.

The Collaborative hosts Monthly Chill-Out Nights and Quarterly Party Downs, opportunities for our members to mix and mingle with one another as well as our larger network of guest instructors, friends & industry supporters.

The Collaborative studio space, including access to all our self-tape equipment, is always available for members for anything from rehearsals, to self-tapes, to podcasts, to film shoots. The Collaborative office space is always available for members as a co-working Space.

When we are supported by our fellow members in both our successes and our failures, it inspires each of us to give back to the community, and the enormous success we have had is built on that basic principle.