The Collaborative community is at the heart of everything we do. Our members get to know each other very well — we become friends, scene partners, trusted confidantes, and of course, collaborators.

Community Opportunities

Feeling supported by fellow members in both our successes and failures inspires each of us to give back to our community and furthers our basic principle: The key to a successful career with longevity lies in finding a community of support as a foundation.

The Collaborative hosts opportunities for our members to mix and mingle with one another as well as with our larger network of guest instructors, friends and industry supporters. These events include game nights, concerts, comedy shows, happy hours, backyard gatherings and online Zoom parties.

The Collaborative studio space, including access to our studio-quality equipment, is available to members for rehearsals, self-tapes, podcasts, and film shoots. The Collaborative office also offers a place for members to use as a working space and meeting facility.

Community at The Collaborative means inclusion for all. Our priority is promoting diversity, which is reinforced by training, events and classes focused on sensitivity, inclusion and equity for all.