The Collaborative supports our members in pursuing content creation and provides the tools and support to make each member’s artistic vision attainable.

Production Insurance

The Collaborative offers Production Insurance for its members. Production Insurance can be a high end cost for any new filmmaker, but through our DICE Insurance policy, members of The Collaborative are able to access production insurance on projects with budgets up to $10,000. The Collaborative also provides members with a production liaison possessing extensive experience, who is able to provide advice and support throughout the production process.


The Collaborative initiated a monthly storytelling group in which members gather to coach one another on crafting autobiographical stories, building toward an annual performance. This group embraces the idea that stories can be told and celebrated in countless ways.


Fresh Script Sundays

The Collaborative launched Fresh Script Sundays as a way for our own writer/actors and outside professional writers to mix, mingle and participate in the creation of new content. Fresh Script Sundays are monthly staged readings of new screenplays, pilots and web series, cast within our membership base, and attended by industry guests, other members, friends and family. These readings  encourage our membership to engage with the larger community and learn from other writers about the development process through constructive feedback and discussion.


Production Lab Sundays

The Collaborative launched Production Lab Sundays as a way for our members to engage with other members with extensive production experience. Production Lab Sundays are a moderated lab and open forum to help members with any and all specific problems they may have with their upcoming production projects.

Professional Services Directory

The Collaborative created Allison’s List, an online professional services directory of production resources for all of our members to access for their projects. All referrals on Allison’s list come from our own membership base, helping us to ensure successful, smoothly run productions, and to continue to build our broader network of resources.

Other Production Opportunities

The Collaborative is also currently building a theater wing, a sketch program and an online web channel to host member related content.



Here Piggy, Piggy (2019)

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What Was Her Name (2019)

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A Perfect Fit (2018)



Platypus (2017)

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