The Collaborative provides on average 20 classes per month as one of the many benefits of membership dues. These classes can be multi-week classes taught by the same instructor, field trips, hands on experiences, or singular 3 hour classes focused on specific topics.

We build our monthly calendar based on three predominant categories:

  • The Craft of Acting
  • The Business
  • Content Creation

At The Collaborative, we celebrate the idea that show business is equal parts art and commerce, and any educational institution serving our industry should provide its members with classes in both categories. At The Collaborative we take our approach one step further, offering a third category of classes focused on the required tools for successful content creation.

Craft Classes

Our craft classes are designed to provide our members with a space similar to a dance studio or rehearsal hall. A place to strengthen our muscles, to “stay in shape”. Whether it’s a class in voice over, Alexander Technique, improv, storytelling, self-tape technique or, most importantly, audition technique, we offer a home where we can hone our craft, learn new skills, and feel safe trying things we’ve never tried before.

Business Classes

The film & television industry is one of the only fields where students graduate from professional training programs without the tools necessary to sell, market, network and employ those skills. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of successful careers in the industry, and we work to provide classes that help us build this aspect of our careers. Our business classes range from self-promotion and marketing, developing a social media presence, how to incorporate, how to make an impression in the casting room, and how to build relationships with casting agencies, directors, showrunners and more.

Content Creation Classes

At The Collaborative we believe that the future movers and shakers of the business will be content creators. But there’s a catch: that content has to be great. For members who are new to writing, producing and directing, The Collaborative offers classes that teach us how. To that end, The Collaborative content creation classes include classes with Oscar-winning writers and directors, as well as successful editors, composers, directors of photography, producers and studio executives.

The Collaborative also offers a quarterly curriculum program focused exclusively on production. Two classes per month taught by industry professionals, that walk a member through the entire production process: development, writing, pre-production, production, post-production & distribution. These classes feature new teachers every quarter and the lessons are recorded and stored for members to revisit as part of our growing online educational resources.

Interested in Being Our Guest?

If you are interested in joining us to share your knowledge and work with our outstanding actors, we’d love to meet you!

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The Collaborative is a non-profit educational institution. Our classes are not job interviews or auditions. The presence of a casting director or agent is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment, an audition or representation. All casting director companies are prohibited by law from offering or attempting to obtain auditions, representation or employment for you.

Classes taught by CSA professionals and our other guests are a learning experience for our members. When the class is over, guests will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials.